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Despite all the advances in diabetes treatment, education remains the cornerstone of diabetes management.
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Diet Clinic

Diet plays a significant role in controlling the Diabetes. Eating right is a key step for preventing and controlling diabetes and it depends upon What to Eat, When to eat, and how much to Eat.

Our Dietician will design diet Plan for each individual patient depending upon their height, weight, age, sex, physical activity and nature of Diabetes.

Patients will be educated about Plate Concept, Carbohydrate Counting and Food exchange pattern by our Dietician.

Plate Concept

Using plate concept we help the patient to spread Carbohydrate throughout the day, which will help them to prevent their blood sugar level from going up and down. It is an easy and simple way to plan meals.

Our Nutritionist Ms.Jaya Baxi , has completed MS ( Nutrition Science) from San Jose State University, CA, USA.

She is an experienced Nutritionist and lifestyle counselor with 4 plus years of USA experience. She has provided Diet & Lifestyle consultations to many South Asian patients with heart conditions, abnormal lipid profiles and Diabetes. She has worked with Cardiologists and Dietitians at various US hospitals on healthy Diet and lifestyle programs for Indians and South Asian s with various Health Conditions.

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