Kidney Care- Diabetic Nephropathy
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Kidney Care Unit -
Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetes can damage the kidneys and cause them to fail. Failing kidneys lose their ability to filter out waste products, resulting in kidney disease or Kidney Failure

When kidney disease is diagnosed early, (during microalbuminuria), several treatments may keep kidney disease from getting worse. Having larger amounts of protein in the urine is called macroalbuminuria. When kidney disease is caught later (during macroalbuminuria), end-stage renal disease, or ESRD, usually follows which needs Dialysis.

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for 44% of new cases in 2008.


Pocket Chem UA- PU-4010:

This instrument is used to measure Albumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR)and Microalbumin in the Urine. By knowing the ACR and Microalbumin level doctor can identify whether the kidney is functioning normally and can treat accordingly.

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