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Despite all the advances in diabetes treatment, education remains the cornerstone of diabetes management.
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Diabetes is a Metabolic cum Vascular syndrome resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action or both leading to changes in both small blood vessels (Microvascular Complications) and large blood vessels (Macrovascular Complications).

"According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), India has 6.13 Crores people with Diabetes as on 2011 which will increase to 10.1 Crores by 2030."

Diabetes does not show any symptoms even if your Blood sugar is very high. Because of persistent high sugar level our blood gets thicker and thicker. As a result the movement of blood in the blood vessels gets affected leading to Heart Attack, Paralysis Attack, Blindness, Kidney failure and non traumatic lower limb amputations. All the above said complications are irreversible hence it is very much necessary to screen the complications earlier so that further progression of complications can be prevented.

Additionally, the average age of onset of diabetes in Indians is a decade earlier than other races. Hence the population in India has to live with Diabetes for longer duration which is one of the risk factor for the development of Diabetic Complications.

With the help of modern technology and expert’s consultation, it is now possible to detect the complications of Diabetes at the reversible stage itself. If all these complications are detected earlier morbidity & mortality due to diabetes can be very much reduced.

To achieve this goal we need specialists of all areas and newer technologies in one place so that Patients can be screened and treated for all his complications under one roof.


My granddaughter suggested Dr.Mahesh and I decided to consult him. Around August I started my treatment from Dr.Mahesh. Day by day I found myself improving and after six months of treatment I have lost a lot of weight. I have stopped feeling dizzy and drowsy and I feel quite normal and energetic. I am sure within a year I will be healthy again.

Mrs .Cecelia De”costa
Sector 16A, Plot No 152, Nerul

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Get basic information about Diabetes like Symptoms, Risk Factors, Causes, Treatment and Complications , by downloading the Power point Presentation.

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Click here to know the ABC’s of Diabetes

A for HbA1c


< 7 gms%

B for Blood Pressure


≤ 130/80 mmHg

C for Cholesterol



LDL - Cholesterol or Bad Cholesterol


< 100 mg/dl

HDL - Cholesterol or Good Cholesterol


> 40 mg/dl for Males
> 50 mg/dl for Females

D for Diabetes



Fasting Blood Glucose


< 100 mg/dl

Postprandial Blood Glucose


< 150 mg/dl

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