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Foot Care Unit -
Diabetic Neuropathy

This is the most common and severe complication. As the nerves of the legs gets affected patient’s loss their sensation in their feet and does not have any symptoms at initial stage.

About 60% to 70% of people with diabetes have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage.

Every 30 seconds a leg is lost due to diabetes in the world and 70 per cent of all leg amputations were done on people with diabetes.



Due to long standing high Blood sugar level, nerves may get damaged and patients will lose their sensation in the foot, palm etc. By using this instrument doctor can find out the degree of sensation lost and reduce the risk of developing Neuropathic Ulcer.

Foot Pressure Study

This instrument produces Instantaneous and permanent high resolution color image of the pressure distribution across the Plantar surface of the foot. By using this Podiatrist / Footwear designer can develop a suitable foot ware for the patient by off loading the pressure points and ultimately save the limb.

Vibratory Perception Test

Loss of sensation due to neuropathy is the major cause of painless injuries to the feet. Hence early and accurate detection of sensation loss due to neuropathy is the best way to protect the feet from amputation. This is done by Vibratory Perception Test a state of the art easy to operate Digital Vibratory Perception Threshold (VPT) Analysis System.

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