Body cleanse and detox diet
Millions of people are unwell, suffering from the stresses. So get solutions from us.
Ultrasonic Lypolysis
Fat reduction and body contouring
The unique technology operates by sweeping specific ultrasound frequencies that are created by dedicated software.
Facial Contouring
Clean your skin
The facial profile can be dramatically improved through facial contour surgery.
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Complete Weight Loss Solutions

A crisis exists today. Millions of people are unwell, suffering from the stresses that are part of modern living: lack of sleep, poor nutrition (and obesity), exposure to dangerous pollutants, no exercise, time pressures. And people - millions of people - are looking for solutions.

In today's world, stress has become a key factor in regards of maintaining health. In order to perform to the maximum we demand a lot from our body. Because of less physically demanding jobs, we run the risk of being overweight, accumulating toxic materials in organs and under the skin, etc. All this leads to lower immunity levels, stress, sluggishness, lower energy levels, diabetes, heart diseases, Asthama, Arthritis, muscle spasms, skin diseases, acne, sleeplessness and various other lifestyle induced illnesses.

The Far Infrared Rays Detox Cabin is a boon for such wellness needs.

What is Far Infrared Rays (FIR)?

FIR is an invisible segment of the solar spectrum; it is a bio-genetic beam, scientifically proved to be capable of promoting the growth and health of living cells of both flora and fauna.

How is FIR beneficial?

FIR is known to have positive effects on living organisms in human bodies, animals and plants. It helps retain their freshness and prolongs life.

FIR Spectral Detox Cabin

Our Spectral Detox Cabin produce the safe and beneficial Far Infrared Rays which can be fully absorbed by human body, for repair, rejuvenation and general wellness.

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