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Despite all the advances in diabetes treatment, education remains the cornerstone of diabetes management.
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At Diabecare we have all facilities to treat and control Diabetes.
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Cardiac Care Unit

Heart disease is the leading cause of diabetes related deaths ( around 65%). Diabetic Patients are 2 to 4 times more at risk for cardiovascular diseases than non-Diabetics.



We do complete 12 lead ECG with median, amplitude, duration, axes and ST segment calculations. Once connected to patient, it records all limb and chest leads ECG automatically and gives a comprehensive analysis.

Peripheral Vascular Analysis System

This calculate important parameters like Arterial Stiffness Index, Pulse wave velocities, Ankle brachial Index, Ejection slope ,Mean Arterial Pressure, Pulse Pressure, %MAP, Ejection Time etc. All these parameters give a complete picture of vascular function of the patient. It is a very useful tool for prevention, detection and treatment follow up of Cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Analysis System

It analysis both Sympathetic and Parasympathetic autonomic nervous system response of the patient. The system uses TachoCardioGram (TCG) and automatic NiBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) to conduct a battery of six tests.

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