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What is FIR Spectral Detox Cabin?

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The FIR Spectral Detox Cabin is an apparatus which emits a specific wavelength of rays (Far Infrared Rays from 5.6 to 15 microns) invisible to the human eyes but beneficial to the human body. A penetrating heat which is of the same resonant wavelength of the water molecules. It activates the water molecules present in human blood (about 80% of human body is water) increasing the blood flow and oxygen absorption rate, enriching the organs of the body, being the same wavelength emitted by a healthy human body.

Our Spectral Detox Cabin produce the safe and beneficial Far Infrared Rays which can be fully absorbed by human body, for repair, rejuvenation and general wellness.

Why Blizz FIR Spectral Detox Cabin?

In Blizz Spectral Detox Cabin the deep penetrating radiant Far Infrared Rays are emitted from all around the cabin, thus far more beneficial and uniform on all parts of the person inside the cabin, in fact no other cabin in the world has far infrared radiant surface emitters all over its cabin due to its high cost and limited technology. Blizz Spectral Detox Cabins have used this patented technology developed by Dr. R Sundaravelu, a leading scientist & researcher and commercialized by M/s Alchemy Biotech Private Limited, India, in which Bennet Coleman & Co. Ltd, The Times Group have a substantial shareholding.

Blizz Spectral detox cabins use the best raw materials and are made in India which is well known internationally for its durability and value for money attribute, with advanced German Technology.

Benefits of a 30 mins FIR Detox session

  • Detoxification:
    FIR Detox causes elimination of harmful toxins like mercury, nickel, cadmium, lead and wastes through skin pores which in turn rejuvenates your tissues and lessens fatigue.
  • Burn Calories:
    Radiant heat improves cardiac activity which in turn helps burn upto 600 - 900 calories = 8-10km of jogging
  • Reduces cellulite:
    Cellulite is a gel-like substance made up of fat, water, toxins and wastes which are trapped in pockets below the skin. FIR emitted from the detox cabin cause profuse sweating which clears these unwanted debris from body.
  • Chronic Arthritis pain, body aches & muscle spasms:
    The soft yet deep penetrating heat has the ability to send oxygen rich blood to the entire body thus providing pain relief.
  • Boosts metabolic rate & Improves Immunity:
    FIR detox increases basal metabolic level due to increased blood circulation and cardiac activity. FIR is also responsible for increased count of White blood cells which help in improving immunity levels.
  • Skin Beautification:
    Gives a radiant glowing skin as a result of increased blood circulation which carries great amounts of nutrients to the skin by removing impurities thus promoting a healthy and youthful skin tone. It also helps in curing various skin diseases and disorders.
  • Speedy recovery of injuries:
    FIR detox liberates oxygen to joints and extremities speeding the healing of sprains and strains and reducing the time it takes the human body to recover from an injury.
  • Blood circulation:
    FIR heat dilates the body’s capillary network promoting blood circulation from head to toe which helps in actively sending oxygen rich blood to entire body.
  • Sound sleep:
    When impurities get removed through FIR detox, your body gets freed from pains and stress. As results you get a sound sleep. It also helps in relief from insomnia.
  • Cardiovascular Health:
    FIR Detox increases sweat production that enables the heart to work harder pumping blood at a greater rate. It increases pulse rate equal to 1 hour of exercise.
  • Chronic indigestion, acidity & constipation:
    Due to improved blood circulation and adequate amount of oxygenated blood being supplied to throughout the body chronic indigestion, acidity and constipation problems are relieved upto greater extent.
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation:
    Since the blood vessels, muscles and tissues in the body are relaxed due to the FIR heat the body is relieved from stress and relaxed. A 30 minutes FIR detox will give you the much needed relaxation and make you feel lighter.

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