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Olive Diagnostics - Clinical Laboratory

We have a “State of Art” Laboratory with all latest instruments where all routine Biochemistry and Urine tests are done. We also have special instruments for testing HbA1c and Microalbuminuria. By doing all this tests complications can be detected earlier and proper treatment can be given and further complications can be avoided. The entire process is supervised and Validated by a Pathologist to ensure accuracy of Results.

State of the Art Clinical Laboratory:

Our laboratory has

  1. Micro lab 300 – semi automated Biochemistry Analyser
    Micro Lab 300
  2. Nyco card II- HbA1C Reader
    Nyco card II- HbA1C Reader
  3. Pocket Chem UA- PU-4010 – To do Microalbumin and ACR ratio
    Pocket Chem UA- PU-4010

*Please Note: All necessary blood and Urine tests for our patients will be done and the reports will be available on the same day.

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